All residential Plumbing instalations, repairs and upgrades.

From full new house's to renovations. 
Rough in's
Replacing internal and external water lines.
Replacing/repairing hot water tanks.
Installing tankless hot water units.
Installing washers, laundry tubs.
Bath's, vanitys, w.c's.

Drain Services

Snaking and camera inspections
Internal or external works
Replacing cast iron and clay drains
Installing sewer/drain back up device

Gas services

Gas fires
Install/replace lines
New hook ups
Safety checks


Heating services

Replacing/ relocating radiators
Cast iron floor mounted
Wall mounted Stelrad
Replacing black iron piping
Resiting pipes to give more headroom in basements.
Pumps and cussion tanks
Valves and air vents
Service, safety, efficiency checks

Refrigeration & Cooling

Ductless A.C.
Central air
Walk in's
Salad counter's
Restaurant refrigeration.